Lubbock County Detention Center Aerial View

The Lubbock County Detention Center is charged with the safety and well being of those individuals whom are committed to the facility and are either awaiting trial, discharge from a sentence, or transfer to another agency.

The Lubbock County Detention Center received its’ last certification of compliance from the Texas Commission on Jail Standards on October of 2012, indicating the Detention Center met the minimum jail standards set forth by the Commission.

The Lubbock County Detention Center has a capacity of 1512 beds and is staffed with 362 Lubbock County employees. In addition, the Detention Center employs contractual staff including medical, kitchen, and commissary personnel. There are three shifts and each is staffed with 4 training Corporals, 4 Sergeants and 2 Lieutenants. The Detention Center Command staff is comprised of the 4 Captains, Assistant Chief, and a Chief of the Detention Division.