Kelly Rowe was born in Fort Worth, Texas on Friday, September 13, 1968.  In 1993 he began his career with the Midland County Sheriff’s Office.  Kelly Rowe began his tenure with the Lubbock County Sheriff’s Office in 1999 as the Administrative Lieutenant of the Detention Division.  He was promoted to the rank of Captain in the Detention Branch and later transferred to Law Enforcement.  Shortly after, he formed the Transition Team and selected the initial staff and would ultimately be responsible to ensure that oversight and all tasks were completed to facilitate a smooth transition into the new facility. Kelly then was promoted to the position of Chief Administrator which had overall fiscal responsibility for all Sheriff’s Office budgets and funds. In addition, he was member of the Tactical Operations Unit and was the Commander of the Honor Guard until his appointment.

On September 16, 2009 he was appointed by the Lubbock County Commissioners to the position of Sheriff.  Then on March 3rd, 2010 Kelly won the Primary election for Sheriff of Lubbock County.

  Sheriff Rowe attended high school and college at New Mexico Military Institute.  He entered into military service in the United States Army.  In 1992 he attended and graduated from the Basic Peace Officers Academy in Midland, Texas.  Sheriff Rowe is married to his wife, Nola.

Summary of Qualifications
1992-1993 Permian Basin Law Enforcement Academy: Peace Officer Academy
1993-1999 Midland County Sheriff’s Office: Began as Deputy Sheriff, then promoted to Corporal and eventually Sergeant of Detention (Shift Commander). Served as a sniper on Tactical Operations Unit for three years and worked evening patrol.
1999-2009 Lubbock County Sheriff’s Office: Served as Chief Deputy of the entire Sheriff’s Office. Hired in 1999 as Assistant Jail Administrator as Lieutenant, and later as Captain in the same capacity; Captain of Law Enforcement, then as Chief Administrator, which oversaw the budget for the entire department and was Chief Deputy of Detention.
2009 – Present Sheriff of Lubbock County, Texas
2016 – Present Texas Commission on Jail Standards, Commissioner
2016 – Present Sheriff’s Association of Texas Member of the Board of Directors
Relevant Experience
1985-1989 New Mexico Military Institute:  Squadron Commander, (Commanded largest squadron, over 250 cadets in my command)
1989-1992 United States Army: Fire Team Leader, Light Infantry, 25th Infantry Division, Schofield Barracks, Hawaii.
1985-1987 New Mexico Military Institute: High School
1987-1989 New Mexico Military Institute: Junior College
Professional Memberships &Committees
1999-Present Texas Jail Association-(2006 President)
1999-Present American Jail Association
2003-Present Sheriff’s Association of Texas
2006-Present TCJS Committee to Study Jail Staffing Ratios
2009-Present Board Member, Lubbock Emergency Communications District
2009-Present National Sheriffs’ Association
2009-Present Texas Corrections Association
2009-Present Lubbock Chamber of Commerce
2014-2020 Sheriffs’ Association of Texas, Jail Advisory Committee Chairman
2015 -Present Texas Commission on Jail Standards / Commissioner
2017-2018 Sheriffs’ Association of Texas Sergeant-At-Arms
2018 – 2019 Sheriff’s Association of Texas Second Vice-President
2019-Present Sheriffs’ Association of Texas First Vice-President
2019-2020 TEEX Criminal Justice Academy Advisory Committee Member
2019-Present TEEX Criminal Justice Academy Advisory Chairman
2020 – Present StarCare Board Member
National Memberships & Speaking Opportunities

Testified before the Texas State Legislature to prevent the abolishment of the Texas Commission on Jail Standards that would have placed regulatory control over county jails under the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

Invited to speak on a panel based on my expertise on “Innovative Jail Design and Operations” at the National Press Club in Washington D.C. Participated in national training video for the National Institute of Corrections for “Planning of a New Institution.”

Participated in national training video for the National Institute of Corrections for “Planning of a New Institution.”

Guest speaker at the American Jail Association Annual Conference on Managing Budgets in Times of Deficit Economies.

Member of the Large Jail Network (by invitation only: Bi-Annual meeting of representatives of largest facilities throughout the country to discuss current issues involving jail personnel, administration and other issues.

Served as a member of the development staff and a speaker for the Basic Jail Administrators Course at the Correctional Management Institute of Texas at Sam Houston State University.

Provided testimony to both, Texas County Affairs Committee and Senate Criminal Justice Committee regarding suicides in Texas jails as well as mental health assessment and screening processes.

Presented Lubbock County innovations and participated in the authoring of the All Sheriffs’ Authority 2019 Mental Health Report and recommendations along with the accompanying letter to the Attorney General Barr.  This collaboration was facilitated by the National Sheriffs’ Association, Bureau of Justice Assistance, and the National Institute of Corrections.

Participated in finalizing the County Self-Assessment Tool for the national Stepping-Up Initiative to reduce the numbers of people with mental illness in our jails.  Launched the program in Lubbock County and ultimately were honored with “Innovator County” Status for Texas.  This program was a national collaboration with multiple groups involved including: American Psychiatric Association, National Association of Counties, National Council of State Governments, National Institute of Corrections and many others.

Presented in the Webinar, Stepping Up 101: A Primer for Sheriffs to educate and assist Sheriffs Offices on the benefits of participation with the initiative.

Provided testimony to select U.S. Senators and their Chiefs of Staff in Washington D.C. on the importance of renewing the CCHBC grant funding for support of mental health services in Texas, as well as other states.