Animal Control Deputies answer calls for service primarily Monday through Friday. One Deputy will be on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Animal Control answers calls regarding aggressive dogs, public being bitten by domestic animals, as well as wildlife. Once the animal is located it must be impounded for ten days and watched for possible signs of rabies. Lubbock County does not have a leash law and therefore stray dogs are not picked up unless they are aggressive toward the public or other animals. Lubbock Animal Control DogAnimal Control also is responsible for stray horses, cattle, sheep, goats and many other animals. These strays may have to be seized and transported to a veterinarian or the Lubbock Stock Yards for safe keeping until the animal is either picked up by the owner or sold at auction. Animal Control also assists the Patrol Division and other divisions within the Lubbock Sheriff’s Office as needed.

Animal Control Deputies attend a Basic and Advanced Animal Control Course. In addition to the academy the Animal Control Deputies are required to attend in-service training to keep current on the ever changing laws and Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) required training. In addition to their Animal Control duties the deputies have the ability to serve on the Tactical Operations Unit, and Honor Guard.


Animal Control Office:            (806) 775-1480

Estray Livestock

Livestock owners who are missing their livestock are encouraged to monitor the Lubbock County Sheriff’s Facebook Page.

Notice of found livestock are posted there, as well information about livestock sales when their owners cannot be identified and contacted.

State Law prohibits Sheriff’s Office from giving unsold animals to individuals.