Viewing Records at the Courthouse

Court records are available for viewing in the Office of the District Clerk (for District Court files) and the Office of the County Clerk (for County Court-at-Law files).  All divorce and family law matters, whether in the District Courts or County Courts-at-Law are available for viewing in the Office of the District Clerk.

Please contact the clerk’s office where the file is located for more information.

> County Clerk’s Office

> District Clerk’s Office

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Justice of the Peace Records

Each justice of the peace Court maintains civil and criminal records. You can look up a case record on the public access computers located in the District Clerks office on the first floor of the courthouse. The computer will give you the CASE NUMBER and the particular court (JP1, JP2, JP3, or JP4). You may take that information to the court and view the file.

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See also:

Viewing Records On-line

Lubbock County has provided access to a website where interested individuals can view criminal court records online.

Lubbock County Records

If you have any questions, feel free to email us.