Lubbock County Bomb SquadThe Lubbock County Sheriff’s Office Bomb Squad is charged with responding to and investigating any and all bomb threats, actual explosive devices, including those with biological or chemical threat components, and post blast investigations.

The bomb squad’s primary jurisdiction is comprised of 22 local counties that surround Lubbock. The bomb squad is also a member of the ATF bomb response task force which has jurisdiction over the 88 counties in West Texas.

The task force also requires the ATF K-9 handlers to respond throughout the United States to assist with national special security events such as the Olympics, G-8 Summit, Presidential Protection, and numerous sporting events.

Bomb Explosion In Test Facility With Lubbock County Bomb SquadThe bomb squad is comprised of eight members. Six who are FBI certified bomb technicians, two support officers, and three certified explosive K-9’s.

The Bomb Squad is certified every five years by the FBI, and each technician must re-certify every three years at the FBI academy in Huntsville, Alabama to insure they are up to date on the latest render safe procedures and are still capable of doing the job in an ever changing field.

The bomb squad utilizes many different tools, including two robots, x-ray equipment, bomb suits, and hooks and line kits to insure the safety of the squad members and the public.

The squad retains readiness with weekly training. This, along with additional scheduled monthly training, assures the squad meets and exceeds the requirements to maintain a level one certification by the FBI.

Lubbock County Bomb Squad Bomb Disarm In Car Trunk